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When it comes to something as vital yet delicate as electrical systems, one can never be too careful. Issues that might initially seem like unimportant inconveniences could eventually lead to safety hazards and system failures. At world appliance service Los Angeles we are ready to assess the causes and consequences of the electrical issues you are having and prevent any potential problems that might stem from them. 

We are familiar with the wide variety of residential and commercial electrical systems found in the Los Angeles area and provide our services all across the city, the San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, the San Fernando Valley, and Ventura County.

You can trust us to promptly deliver these and more electrical services:

Electrical System Repair Services

Diagnostic Electrical Testing Services – It is imperative for your electrical systems and devices to be safe to operate. Diagnostic electrical testing allows us to determine any potential hazards and prevent damages, accidents, or leakage.

Electrical Equipment Repair Services – Our lives revolve around electrical equipment, which is why it’s important to ensure their proper operation. If you find yourself having trouble with your electrical equipment, let the experts take a look before your equipment or your safety is compromised.

Electrical Pinpoint Troubleshooting Services – Electrical issues, particularly when it comes to more complex systems, can often be hard to pinpoint. That is why we troubleshoot these problems, evaluating the entire system in order to properly determine the root cause and address the issue all the way through.

Electrical Wiring Repair Services – If a few electrical outlets don’t work or you sometimes catch the smell of burning plastic, you might be having wiring issues. This is a fairly common occurrence, particularly in older housing. If that’s the case, reach out to us and we’ll make sure to repair any electrical wiring problems you might be having.

Knob and Tube Wiring – If you live in a fairly old home or work in specific trades, your building might be implementing knob and tube wiring. Although no longer commonplace, the system is still present in a variety of structures, particularly pre-war buildings. We still provide repair services for know and tube wiring systems, abiding by the National Electrical Code.

Electrical Regulation Repair Services

Ballast and Fixture Repair Services – Ballasts regulate the current of your lights, providing the voltage necessary to turn on the lamp. The ballast and the light fixture must both be compatible with each other and running properly in order for the light to work. If either part is giving you trouble, we can take care of it.

Electrical Breaker Repair Services – Electrical breakers protect circuits from any potential damage caused by a current overload or a short circuit. They are automatic switches that regulate the influx of current and prevent electrical systems from serious damage. If you are having trouble with your circuit breakers, let us know before it becomes a problem.

Fuse Replacement Services – Fuses are safety devices that prevent excess current in electrical circuits by automatically cutting off the flow when it reaches a dangerous point. These are essential protective devices, but they are also single-use ones. We can promptly replace any burned-out fuses and restore your circuit’s fail-safe protection in no time.

Electrical Meter Repair Services

Meter Lug Repair – When multiple units share an electrical system, such as in apartment complexes or office buildings, meters are implemented in order to measure each until’s power consumption. Lugs are necessary to fix and protect the different channels of a meter and ensure proper count. We can repair any problems related to these fixtures.

Meter Upgrade Services – Utility charges in shared structures depend on electricity meters. Whether your building is a few decades old or your current electricity meter just isn’t working properly anymore, we can help you upgrade it in order to prevent inaccurate counting, extra charges, or performance issues. 

We are licensed and insured for your protection. Emergency service is available. We offer discounts for senior citizens, service members, and the police force.

Call USA Repairs, Inc. at (800) 708-2190 to ask us about our electrical repair services. You can also browse our website for more information in regards to our electrical installation services.

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