Best LA Electrician Tips on Keeping Your House Naturally Warm to Reduce Electricity Bill

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The winter season temperatures go below 00 and in most homes, the heating system stays switched on until the time when winter will be over. Due to the heating system, the same season records the highest power bills. Home heating systems account for 70 percent of power bills and many financially unstable homes cannot afford to heat their homes because of high bills. Here are natural methods from Los Angeles electrician for heating your home.

 Use the curtain trick

 The house is usually warmer when there is daylight and your curtains should remain open to allow natural heat into your house. When it’s nighttime, close the curtain and confirm there are no loopholes for heat to escape. Your house will stay warm during the night and you will not require to keep your heater on the whole night. Your window curtains act as heat insulators and they trap heat to prevent it from escaping. If your house is insulated and then you close the curtains, the warmth in your home will increase.

 Use firewood

 Fire is a good source of heat and firewood is not very expensive compared to electricity. During the night, switch off the heater and sit near the fireplace to get warmth. Keep enough stocks of firewood during summer and build a firewood shelter to keep the wood dry even in the wet season. Your local electrician near me will advise you that firewood can warm a large portion of your house and help you save a lot of energy costs.

 Insulate your house

Home insulation will help you retain heat within the house and avoid losses through the roof and walls. If you consult with the best electrician near me, he will confirm that with proper home insulation, you can save about $200 per annum in terms of electricity bills. Insulating your home might be expensive initially, but you will reap the benefits in the process of time. Thick insulation will trap heat within your house and you might not require an extra heating system.

 Time the heaters

 Running the heating system throughout the night will significantly affect your electricity bills. Arrange with your local electrician on call and have timers installed on your heater to switch power off when the house is sufficiently warm and off when it becomes cold again. When your home heating system is running throughout the night or day, your power consumption might go double what you usually pay. Timers can help reduce the power bill by nearly half.

 Get the best tips from your local electrician

 Too many electrical appliances in your home make bills skyrocket every month. To help you reduce the cost of energy in your house, you must act wisely and use fewer appliances. Another way is to use natural light to warm your home and insulate the attic if possible. Call our Los Angeles electrician now at (818) 492-4115 for more tips on saving your electricity bills and correct electricity problems of any level. 


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