electricity troubleshooting in la

Electricity Troubleshooting in LA Questions to Ask

No one wants to have to call for electrical repairs. With everything else you have to do in the course of a day, it can feel like calling for electrical assistance can throw off your entire day. However, having malfunctioning electricity can ruin your day in a hurry. We’re often asked: “how do I know…

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flickering lights

What Are Your Flickering Lights Trying to Tell You?

Lights can flicker fairly often and not mean anything. Sometimes it just means that there has been a power surge and the lights just flickered for a second. No big deal. However, if the problem is consistent, it might be a sign of more serious issues with your electrical system. If you start to notice…

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dedicated circuits

What Appliances Need Dedicated Circuits and Outlets?

Have you ever tripped a breaker and not known why? Maybe you were blowdrying your hair and suddenly your bathroom power went out. This happens because one or more appliances might be overloading a circuit. In such cases, there is a chance the appliance is meant to have its own dedicated circuit and you just…

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emergency service in la

Emergency Service in LA: There When You Need Us

You’re sitting at home, enjoying a night in with your family. Your spouse watches television, your kids are on their phones. All is right with the world. Suddenly, the power goes out. All of it, all at once. Your kids are nervous, but you tell them: “it’s just a power outage.” Then, you look outside:…

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line to car charging in glendale

Getting an Electric Car and Installing Line to Car Charging in Glendale

All across Los Angeles, electric cars are getting traction as the new way of moving around while also helping preserve the environment. These vehicles are slowly proving to be more and more popular, entering the mainstream automobile market and carving a good niche of their own. All in all, more people are opting for this…

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