Can A Spa Electrician Actually Fix a Spa?

Spa Electrician

In general, a spa electrician can fix a spa, just like a painter can paint a house. However, you have to remember that terms like “Dentist” are protected, whereas a term like “Spa Electrician” is not legally protected. This means that if you call yourself a dentist, you need to provide paperwork, licenses, insurance, and qualifications. However, if you call yourself a Spa expert, professional, electrician, etc., you don’t legally need any sort of qualifications, insurance, or licenses. A good electrician should have all those things, but there is no legal obligation. It is just like how “Dietitian” is a legally protected title, but “Nutritionist” isn’t, so anybody can call themselves a nutritionist. The point is that even if an electrician claims to be an expert in spas, it doesn’t mean it is true, and it doesn’t mean that person will do a good job.

Can Any Electrician Fix a Spa?

Bringing it back to dentists. Just about any practicing dentist can pull a tooth. But, not every surgeon can replace a heart. Just about any electrician can change a plug, but not every electrician can install or fix a spa. What if the electrician you hire is an expert in spin driers? Would you want her fixing up your spa?

Spa Electrician

Are There Spa Experts?

It may sound silly, but yes there are, there are people who take a career path where they specialize in fixing and installing spas. It may seem a little nutty taking all that training and education just to fix up spas, but then consider the same question for a proctologist.

Should I Trust an Electrician?

The hard part is knowing which electricians actually have the knowledge, skills, and tools, and which only think they do. As the old saying goes, “To a woman with a hammer, everything is a nail.” In other words, people who deal in selling their skills as electricians are likely to think they can fix any electrical problem. If you get quotes on the job from different professionals, you will become better at spotting those who are genuine experts, and those who think they are.

Is a Spa Electrician a Specialist Tradesperson?

Oddly enough, in the old days, it wasn’t. Even more oddly, in the old days, plumbers were the ones dealing with spa problems. Nowadays, it is a mixed discipline subject. The people who fix and install spas have to be proficient in plumbing, electronics, and a slew of manufacturing subjects. Modern spa technology is deliciously advanced, incredibly interesting, and overwhelmingly difficult. That is why you need an expert to fix and install your spa.

Is There a Cheap Option?

In truth, spas, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, and swimming pools are expensive things to have. They are experienced to install, maintaining, and fixing. They are not the sort of thing you can “Cheap out” on. If you do not spend the money to have them installed and fixed, then they will cost you more money in the long run. A good spa electrician will not be cheap, so if a so-called professional offers you a cheap price, you should be suspicious. If you want the work of seasoned and experienced professionals, then get in touch with USA Electrical Repairs today.

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