Comprehensive Electrical Installation Los Angeles Can Count On

electrical installation in los angeles

When people think of “electrical installation” they tend to think of putting in a new electrical outlet, something like that. While we certainly offer those services, we offer far more than that as well. At USA Electrical Repairs, we offer comprehensive electrical installation in Los Angeles services. That means you can count on us for essentially any and all of your electrical installation needs. You can call us 24/7 to have your electricity installed and maintained the right way. 




It’s hard to overstate how much circuit panels can do. They let you control the flow of electricity throughout your structure. To prevent overcurrents, short circuits, and the like, they serve as a powerful, protective breaker. Really, they are the hub of your building’s electrical system management. If you’re installing a new circuit panel, we can put in one that will work the right way from day one. By that same token, if you feel it’s time to upgrade the one you’ve already got, we can help you there, too. There are many options available, so we can get you the one that fits right for your needs. 

electrical installation in los angeles

The Right Electrical Installation for the Right Room 


Your kitchen has different electrical needs than your living room. A bedroom’s electricity is different from that of a laundry room, and so forth. We can install new circuits so that the devices used in one room or another don’t overload the electrical systems or cause other problems. We can even upgrade what’s already there. For example, if you’ve purchased an electric car, a dedicated line (usually in your garage) is essentially required. We can install that and any other necessary electrical circuits easily. 


Lighting Electrical Installation in Los Angeles 


To get the most from your outdoor space, you need great lighting. That’s true whether you plan on entertaining large groups or you just want to enjoy the outdoors with your family. We have a proven track record of installing high quality landscape lighting on essentially any outdoor space. Beyond landscape lighting, we can install electrical dimmers, fluorescent ballast lights, and even rewire your home’s electrical services. 


Better Electrical Services for Improved Safety 


Fully-functioning carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are important for your safety as well as your peace of mind. We can install these and make sure they’re running right. By that same token, in Southern California, heat is a safety issue as well. We can install electrical fans that will keep you and yours cool no matter how hot it gets out there. 


Service You Can Count on in a Hurry 


Proper electricity is not a “like to have” in Southern California, it’s a “need to have.” Over the years, we’ve helped so many to have the level of high-functioning electricity that allows them to live their lives how they would like. If you go to our site, you’ll find that there are always discounts available. When you need help right now, contact 

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