Culver City Power Outage or Frequent Surges? Why You Need a Local LA Electrician

Culver City Power Outage

Many of us have experienced power surges. This happens when there is a huge spike in the current of your electrical system. Although these surges last for only a fraction of a second, they can cause long-term damage to any plugged-in appliances or outlets. A sudden and massive spike in the current might overload circuits in your electrical system. Similar issues may arise when Culver City Power Outage happens often. Therefore, you must educate yourself about these occurrences.

About power outages

Culver City Power Outage is a common problem mainly associated with infrastructure or power supply. Simply defined, a power outage is the loss of power. If you work with computers, the issues associated with power loss typically involve data loss. But this can also lead to performance issues like data corruption, especially with old computers. In most cases, power outages won’t cause any damage to your appliances unless they come with power surges.

About power surges

Power surges happen when the voltage goes beyond 169 volts and have damaging consequences on appliances, computers, and other electrical devices. These massive spikes of current can come from an electrical utility company when it switches power grids. Power surges can also happen when there is a malfunction in a transmission line or transformer nearby. Even lightning can cause this issue. Some of the most powerful surges even occur because of a lightning strike.

Why are power surges an issue?

Right now, your home may contain items that are at risk for power surges. Any device that contains a microprocessor is especially susceptible because these digital components are very sensitive that even the smallest volt fluctuation will have an effect on its function. Today, you can find many of these microprocessors in hundreds of household items like cordless phones, microwaves, TVs, computers, and seemingly “low-tech” devices and appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Lightning strikes can cause big power surges, which lead to instantaneous damage, like melting plastics or metal parts, and “frying circuits.” Small surges might not leave any obvious evidence of damage. You might not even know they’re happening, which can be quite dangerous.

Keep your home protected from a Culver City power outage

To avoid any damages to your complex appliances or valuable devices, remember to unplug them during severe storms. It’s also recommended that your biggest appliances have their own circuits or outlets where they get their power from. Consider using power surge protectors for any electronics you want to protect, whether it’s because they are very expensive or you don’t want the risk of losing stored data that can easily be erased.

Call us when there is a power outage

It’s recommended to equip your home with whole-home surge protection to defend it against any damages caused by power surges or outages. Have this safety precaution installed by USA Electric Repairs Inc, a reliable and experienced company. Call us today at (818) 492-4115 to learn more about our surge protection services.


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