Electrical Installation Services

Circuit Breaker / Panel Upgrade – Circuit panels are the hub for your home’s electrical system management. These allow you to control the flow of electricity across the structure while serving as a protective breaker to prevent overcurrents and short circuits. We offer installation services if you are looking to install a new circuit panel or to upgrade your current one.

New Circuit Installation – Electrical systems in our home are divided between different circuits in order to prevent overcharging or overcurrents. Ceratin rooms, such as kitchens or laundry rooms, need to be equipped with either stronger or more separate circuits so that the devices in them don’t override the electrical systems. We offer installation services for such new circuits.

Electrical Outlet Installation Services – Whether you are redesigning your kitchen layout or you just want to charge your phone closer to your bed, installing a new electrical outlet is a reasonable request. Reach out to us if you want to install a new electrical outlet or to relocate an existing one.

220 Lines and Circuits – 220V lines are a key component of most homes, particularly in kitchens, for they allow us to use more energy-consuming devices in a way that does not override or overcurrent our electrical systems. Installing new 220 lines and circuits might be necessary if you want to use such devices in specific areas of your home.

New Dedicated Lines for Charging Station – In order to install a charging station, such as those for your electric car or your electronic devices, you will need a dedicated line for it. Otherwise, you could potentially override the existing ones given the large amounts of the electrical current present. Our team can easily install such a dedicated line for your charging station.

Electrical Lighting Installation Services 

Outdoor Lighting Installation Services: Landscape Lighting Installation – Good lighting is necessary if you want to take full advantage of your outside space. Whether we are talking about backyard barbecues or pool parties, you are going to need light as the day progresses. We can help you install a good landscape lighting system in any outdoor space.

Indoor Lighting Installation services: Fluorescent Ballast Installation – Fluorescent lighting is the system of preference for schools, offices, and other large spaces due to its efficiency and practicality. If you need to install the necessary ballasts to implement such lighting in your space, our team can promptly do so for you.

Electrical Switch Installation Services: Electrical Dimmer Installation – Dimmers give us a sense of freedom and control in regards to our lighting that can bring forth a variety of benefits. Whether you want to dim the light for your toddler to sleep or accentuate a nice dinner, we can install electrical dimmers in your home for your ease and convenience.

Electrical Wiring Installation Services: Electrical Rewiring Services – Rewiring your home’s electrical system can help you redesign and reconsider the ways you use your space. Whether you want to move your kitchen appliances or control specific lights from a different position, rewiring services are useful tools when it comes to the distribution of your own home.

Electrical Devices Installation Services

Electrical Fan Installation Services – Ceiling fans, bathroom fans, kitchen fans, these are all vital to our daily lives in Southern California. Installing a new fan in a new location or repositioning another is easier than it seems. Just reach out to our team and we’ll make sure you get to arrange your fan distribution to your liking. 

Dryer and Washer Plugs – One look at your dryer or washer’s cable and you’ll notice you can’t just plug it in anywhere. These, due to the required voltage, call for specific plugs. In case your home does not include this already, or you are looking to reposition your washer and dryer, our team of electrical experts will install the necessary outlet where you need it to be.

Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector – It is imperative to have smoke and carbon dioxide detectors in your home. These useful tools can literally save your life should your home, God forbid, ever suffer from a gas leak or a fire. That is why, if your home is missing them, we can install these detectors for you.

We are licensed and insured for your protection. Emergency service is available. We offer discounts for senior citizens, service members, and the police force.

Call USA Repairs, Inc. at (800) 708-2190 to ask us about our electrical installation services, range hood repair services Los Angeles. You can also browse our website for more information in regards to our electrical repair services.

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