LA Local Electrician: Stormy Weather and Electrical Safety

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The lightning, strong winds and heavy rain during stormy weather can cause a variety of electrical safety hazards in and around homes. Storms may knock down power lines, blow objects into overhead lines, damage insulation or flood power-related equipment. If water gets into your home, your electrical system or appliances may be affected and you will need to call in an electrician Los Angeles residents trust. It helps to know what steps to take to ensure electrical safety before and after a storm.

What to do before a storm

Make sure ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are installed in areas in your home where water and electricity may come into contact. It’s wise to practice periodic home electrical safety inspections.

If weather reports indicate a severe storm is coming that could cause flooding, move computers and other electronic devices to countertops or tables to avoid any water damage and move electrical appliances to higher locations. Put off showering or dishwashing in case lightning strikes the house and sends electricity through any metal plumbing.

Precautions when using a portable generator

If you buy a portable generator so you’re prepared for a power outage, a local electrician on call needs to install it for you to ensure it meets any local electrical codes. You should not just connect a generator directly to household wiring unless a transfer switch has been installed. A generator must be properly grounded according to instructions from the manufacturer. Generators produce carbon monoxide so they need to be located a safe distance away from your home.

Flooded areas

When you begin to clean up following a storm or flood, it’s important to remember the dangers of water coming into contact with electricity. Take extreme care when you go into any flooded areas as submerged electrical outlets can energize water. Don’t try to touch a circuit breaker or replace a fuse while standing on a wet surface or with wet hands. Even nonconductive materials like wood can conduct electricity when they are slightly wet.

Electrical system and appliances

Electrical items, such as fuses, circuit breakers, ground fault circuit interrupters, plugs, and switches can malfunction when water gets inside them. Water can also damage the motors in refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dryers. When this happens you may want to know “How can I find the best electrician near me? Electrical equipment exposed to water can be dangerous if you use it without proper reconditioning so it’s essential to call in the experts. You may even be advised to discard and replace electrical items if they were submerged.

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