Emergency Electrician Los Angeles When You Face Residual Current Circuit Breaker Issue

Emergency Electrician Los Angeles

RCCBs can help avert an emergency during power surges caused by overloads, short-circuiting and faulty currents. Anytime the device detects a surge, it switches off the electricity supply and hence protects your home from fire and appliances from getting damaged. If the device, however, switches off too often, there is a need to worry, and you might want to call Emergency Electrician Los Angeles for help. It could be some wires are faulty, sockets are not functioning well, or the meter is faulty.

Seek immediate help from Emergency Electrician Los Angeles

Your RCCB will never switch off unless there is a supply problem or if the gadget itself is faulty. It is even riskier if it’s faulty because it might allow more electricity to pass through and hence put your entire house at risk.

It will call for quick action so that a professional can inspect your RCCB and replace it if he finds it faulty. Even if it’s at midnight, you will not lack a qualified electrician to handle your emergency need.

Emergency Electrician Los Angeles

Let a professional inspect your wiring

Several issues might keep triggering your RCCB to switch off and one of them is faulty wiring. If wiring was never done by a professional electrician, they might be causing short-circuiting in your house and thus triggering the RCCB to switch off.

Another problem could be coming from naked wires within your wiring system and unless they get insulated, your electricity supply will keep going on and off. Do not do the inspection yourself but let a professional Emergency Electrician in Los Angeles come and do the work.

Connect each circuit to the RCCB separately

Your entire home circuit could be connected to the breaker from a single circuit and this could cause a greater challenge anytime the breaker switches off. It means your entire home will not have electricity until the time when a professional will come and rectify the issue.

To correct the problem, each circuit should be connected individually to the breaker so that if a specific circuit has issues, the breaker will disconnect only that circuit and the rest of your house will have enough power supply.

Your meter and sockets could be faulty

Rust and moisture trapped in your meter and sockets can cause a power surge and hence make the breaker switch off. If you are not sure whether this could be the cause, call your electrician to help you inspect your sockets and meter and, if possible, correct any problems.

Your emergency electrician is just a call away

You must take every electricity issue in your house seriously and call for help immediately to avert any further problems. Our electrical emergency team will help diagnose, troubleshoot the problem, and do the necessary repair to help keep your house safe. If you have any issue with your RCCB, do not hesitate to call us immediately for help at (818) 492-4115.

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