Handyman or Electrical Repair Company? Who, When and Why?

Electrical Repair

If you are an attentive and responsible homeowner, then it might be safe to assume that you have become adept in a different number of DIY skills over the years. When it comes to the electric components of your property, however, it is always recommended that you enlist the help of somebody with a bit more expertise and experience. The usual question here is do you require a jack-of-all-trades handyman type of contractor or a qualified professional electrician? Both have their pros and cons, and both can be considered good options but it totally depends on the job that needs doing. Here are some general indicators of when to call an electrician vs a handyman for electrical repair.

When Your Property Isn’t Up To Code

It will always be necessary to call in a professional electrician if you have been informed that the electrics in your building are not currently up to code. A casual handyman might be able to fix certain components, but they won’t have the in-depth knowledge and experience of what is and what isn’t acceptable when it comes to code work. A professional electrician is also more likely to keep up with changes to the code.

When Corners Have Been Cut

If you have hired a handyman in the past who has cut a number of corners to achieve the job, then the last thing you should be doing is hiring another handyman who might be tempted to cut corners on top of those corners! It isn’t in the nature or ethics of a pro electrician to cut corners in such a fashion, and it will take their skills and expertise to be able to go back and rectify all the mistakes that have previously been made.

When There Has Been An Electrical Fire

If you have been unlucky enough to experience an electrical fire as the result of shoddy work, then you owe it to your own safety to get in touch with a professional to come and fix what needs fixing. It doesn’t make any sense to ignore a problem that literally caused a fire, especially when most issues are so easily fixable in the hands of a trained professional.

Electrical Repair

When Insurance Claims Are Refused

The truth is that a lot of insurance firms will refuse a claim on a property that has not hired a professional electrician to keep things maintained and free from risk. If you want to make sure that your insurance policy can be upheld, then the most sensible thing to do is always hire a professional electrician and keep the receipts of the regular maintenance checks that occur.

If you think that you need something a little bit better than a handyman for your electrical repair needs, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at USA Electrical Repairs. Our squad of skilled engineers has the skills that are needed to fix any kind of electrical issue in your home. We look forward to hearing from you and being able to get to your property to solve your issues.

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