How Does a Commercial Electrician Differ From a Domestic One?

Commercial Electrician

As you are looking online for an electrician, you have probably noticed that some adverts are for electricians, some are for domestic electricians, and some are for chimerical electricians. Is there a big difference? Can one do the other? Can a commercial electrician work on your house?

Pick a General Purpose Electrician

There are many names for this type of electrician, but one of the best descriptions is a “General purpose” electrician. In most cases, these are companies. They are companies that have tens of electricians working for them. This means that if you have a household, commercial, or industrial electrical problem, then the company has somebody who is qualified to deal with the problem.

Picking a Commercial Electrician

A domestic electrician may need a slew of qualifications, licenses, and certificates in order to legitimately work on houses. A commercial electrician often needs similar qualifications, licenses, and certificates, but may also need added insurance. When it comes to working in commercial environments, there are more health risks and more risks of damage to property and other people. As a result, added insurance is needed. Plus, there are times when only certain commercial electricians can do the job because they are the only ones who know “How” to do the job. There are certain commercial electrician jobs that require added knowledge before undertaking the tasks at hand.

Commercial Electrician

Pick an Industrial Electrician

Most of what was mentioned above about commercial electricians will be true of industrial electricians too. The difference is that industrial electricians will need added qualifications, certificates, licenses, and added knowledge. On-the-job training is also often required because there are some things that cannot be taught in a classroom. Added safety training is also required, be it how to avoid dangers in quarries, to how to bail out of a helicopter while working on a deep-sea oil rig.

Get Details From The Electrician

There are plenty of crossover situations where you may not be sure which electrician can help you. For example, you may have a domestic electrical problem, but you have set up a piece of industrial machinery for your home business and you need added power. On the other hand, there are plenty of times when simple household electrical problems occur in industrial places, like the mobile offices with a lumber yard. It is probably best if you ask the electrician company before you make a solid booking.

Get a Quote Beforehand

Getting a quote beforehand may be tricky because the electrician may have to see the problem before being able to offer a quote. However, a tremendously high quote may suggest that the person you are hiring is a little overqualified, and perhaps you should try a different electrician that is more suited to your needs and your electrical problem.

Choose the Right Company

There are some electrician companies that offer the services of domestic and commercial electricians. In some cases, you can get a quote for your domestic electrical problems and your commercial ones too. If you need a company that can handle both, then get in touch with USA Electrical Repairs today for a quote and a fair price.

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