How to Spot a Phony Electrician in Los Angeles

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There are plenty of real electricians, but some have become very good at faking it until they make it. We are often told that we should check the ID, trade cards, licenses, etc., of your average electrician in Los Angeles, but who actually does? Furthermore, do you know what these documents are supposed to look like? How do you know what you are looking at is real? In most cases, all you can rely on is your wits. You have to figure out if an electrician is the real deal or not. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

They Offer a Suspiciously Cheap Quote

There may be a good reason why they offer such a cheap quote. Perhaps the problem is easy, so ask for details and find out how easy it is. They may claim they are struggling to find work, perhaps because it is near a holiday. Examine their reasoning. If they are charging such a low price, ask yourself how they are supposed to afford to work for so little.

The Pushy Sales Tactic

Any time a seller wants to close a deal quickly, or tries to push you, or gives you a ticking clock of some type, then that is when you should back away and find a different company. If you say something about having to speak to your partner first, only to be met with resistance and being told you need to book early, then something is wrong and you should consider other electricians.

No Quotation is Provided

Most professional services are going to offer a full quote that is very accurate. There are several occasions where this isn’t done or isn’t necessary, especially if it is an emergency job. However, if you are seeking quotes and one company seems happy to work without a full and accurate quote, then consider that to be a warning sign.

When They Add Lots of Extra Charges

This is what happens when companies have to compete on a comparison-site. The trades person tries to sucker people in with a very low opening quote. Then, when the actual quote comes in, the trades person has added a bunch of charges to push up the price. You may think that this is a necessary part of competing in the modern world, but any form of deception is always a bad sign. Nobody wants a lying electrician.

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The Upfront Payment

One of the oldest scams in the book is to act like a legitimate electrician in Los Angeles, to give a quote, to be professional and to secure the deal. You give them a deposit and then they run off and you never see them again. The larger the upfront payment is, the more likely it is they are going to run off with it. So stick with the long established companies that have a solid reputation. Stick with companies like USA Electrical Repairs. Get in touch today for a personalized quote and that covers everything and doesn’t contain any nasty surprises.

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