LA Electrical Company offers Safety Tips for Power Fluctuations

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Your home is connected to a low-voltage grid and there are standards that set voltage limits. Electrical devices are designed to operate within these limits and will serve their maximum lifetime at the right voltage. Most people are familiar with the odd flickering light as a result of voltage fluctuations in the grid that generally do not cause much damage due to the safety measures in place. However, big fluctuations in voltage can cause damage and taking certain precautions like a Los Angeles electrician, can help. 

Check your electrical systems on a regular basis

It is advisable to get a licensed electrician to check your electrical systems at regular intervals if you want to prevent power fluctuations. This includes checking the cables and power lines from the electricity meter as well as the main switch and trip switches. Faulty wiring, overloaded circuits or using electrical equipment incorrectly can all cause voltage fluctuations. If the voltage is too high, this causes your electronics to run too ‘high and fast’ which can significantly shorten their lifespan.

Appliances must meet requirements of quality marks

Voltage and current strength are two different things. An appliance that consumes more power will demand more current but the mains voltage remains unchanged as it has a set value. It is important to double check with suppliers that appliances can cope with voltage fluctuations. Lightning strikes can often cause high voltage spikes and even household appliances with a quality hallmark may not be able to withstand them. Having an electrician on call install a surge protector can help to protect appliances against damage from lightning strikes.

Switch off appliances when voltage gets too low

Many electrical motors and components can suffer damage or overheat and start a fire if they don’t get enough electricity while operating. On hot summer days when all air conditioning units are running at capacity, electric companies may temporarily decrease voltage delivery to preserve the integrity of the grid. Temporary brownouts may be announced in advance so you can take precautions to prevent damage to your appliances. Motors, furnaces, heating/cooling units and other items that are sensitive to low voltages will be protected from damage if you switch them off when voltage gets too low.

Install stronger or separate circuits

Some rooms, like laundry rooms and kitchens, should be equipped with stronger or separate circuits. This is to ensure that electrical appliances don’t override the electrical systems. Circuit breakers control the flow of electricity and prevent overcurrents and short circuits. If you ask for help from our Los Angeles electrician to install your circuit breakers, you don’t have to worry about damage to your appliances.

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