LA Electrician on Steps to Take if Rain is Tripping Your Circuit Breakers

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Sometimes the seal that prevents water from seeping in your house circuit breaker gets damaged due to weather, wearing off, or aging. When it rains, water can seep through and get into the breakers. The work of the breaker is to protect your house from surges and short-circuits.  Water in the breaker causes more power to build beyond what the breaker can handle and therefore switches off. Rainwater can also cause rust inside the breaker and the result will be heat building inside, leading to tripping or fire. We´tell you how a licensed electrician cn hel you.

Check circuit breakers for any signs of moisture

You may not diagnose immediately that the tripping is being caused by rainwater. Mostly, like any homeowner, you will follow the usual steps of getting power back. That is, go to the basement, garage, or outside and switch on the breaker. After it rains two or three times, that’s when you will probably notice the cause. Check the breaker for any sign of moisture or water. 

Call an electrician

Having water in the circuit breaker is a dangerous thing because it can lead to fire or electrocution. You should not try to remove the water from the breakers or check the cables for any damages. A qualified, licensed electrician should be one to do the work. Call one immediately to come and observe the circuits and the wiring for further advice.  

Replace damaged breakers

Your local electrician on call will open the circuit breakers and inspect them for any water or moisture inside. The first thing the electrician might do is try and remove the water so that it doesn’t cause tripping anymore. If any breaker is damaged, the electrician will advise you to replace it. Replacing a damaged breaker might mean buying the breaker and a few cables so that the circuit functions without problems in the future. 

Remove rust from breakers

You might notice rust on some components inside your circuit breakers. Rust is mostly caused by water that seeps inside and stays for some time before drying out. Rust creates high resistance in the breakers and causes heat to build. If you don’t know any electrician, search for a local electrician near me and inform them of the problem. The electrician will remove the rust and this action should solve the problem. 

Seal water seeping points 

Replacing damaged circuit breakers or removing rust will not solve the problem permanently unless the cause is rectified. Seek for the best electrician near me and let them do the work. 

The action will be to seal the area water is seeping through and if any cable is damaged, it should be repaired. On our part, you might consider calling a house repair expert if your roof is licking. 

licensed electricianLet an expert check your tripping circuit breakers

Electricity is dangerous and you should always let an expert handle persistent electrical problems in your house. If you notice the tripping rate of your circuit rate is beyond ordinary, let us know so that we can offer quick help. 

Our qualified electricians are ready to diagnose and rectify the tripping. Call our telephone number (818) 492-4115

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