LA Electrician on Steps to Take if Your Electricity Bill Suddenly Sees a Surge

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Many have experienced the nasty surprise of getting an electrical bill that is way higher than the average. Since you pay for each kilowatt of power, you should make it a point not to waste it. One way to minimize your power cost is to watch your consumption. Sometimes though, despite the precautions you take, you still get a huge electric bill. Before you contact a licensed electrician, here are the most common reasons for that sudden increase in your electrical bill.

 “Vampire” appliances

 These “vampire appliances” or electronics consume electricity even without being used. Appliances that stay plugged all the time use small amounts of electricity. Also, remember that when you leave your laptop charging or even leave your charger plugged into an outlet without the device connected to it, the charger will continue to use up energy long after you have charged your device. The solution to these is very simple. Unplug your devices when you’re done using them. Even if you aren’t using them actively, they are still using electricity passively. Even though these use a small amount of power, adding this over time becomes significant. “Kill” these vampire appliances to feel the effect on your electricity bills over time.

 Your meter isn’t working properly

The electrical meter installed outside your home by the electric company measures the amount of electricity you use. Remember that if there is an issue with the meter, it will most likely be the culprit of a surprisingly high electric bill. If you don’t know anything about broken meters you feel suspicious about such an issue, call the best electrician near me and make a request for service on the meter. The electrician will know if there is an issue with your meter and fix it. Once your meter gets repaired, expect your electric bill to go back to normal. If not, the problem lies somewhere in your home.

 Issues with lighting

 Often, it is the lighting that contributes to surges in electric bills. Luckily, lighting is one area where you can avail yourself of some of the most significant energy-saving features. The most common problem areas for lighting today include inappropriate control, over-spec installations, or using old technology. Call a licensed electrician to install an upgrade on your lighting system by fitting energy-efficient LED lights. Today, this is the best solution for almost all situations from bulbs in every size and shape to factory lights and everything in between. Make sure that you use only the appropriate amount of light for certain tasks. If available, use a lux meter to assess the lighting levels. For instance, you may use lower lighting levels in storage areas and corridors compared to work areas.

 Reach out to our professional electricians

 No need to panic when you get a surge in your electric bill. There are several issues that cause this increase, most of which you can solve yourself. You should make changes to take control of your power bill and hopefully, lower it in the next few months. But if you have done everything and you still get a high electric bill, it’s time to consult with our experts at USA Electric Repairs Inc. Call us now at (818) 492-4115.

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