LA Licensed Electrician Tips on Electrical Safety in the Lawn and Backyard

Licensed Electrician

Many homeowners can’t imagine a life without their electrical lawnmower that they can use to take care of their lawn. There is plenty of other electrical equipment used in the backyard for personal projects or home maintenance. One might wonder what they can do to increase electrical safety in the lawn and backyard. There are quite a few things they can do, and here are some tips from a licensed electrician, the big-ticket items to look out for:

Licensed Electrician

Avoid using electrical equipment when it is wet

Although you might be tempted to mow the lawn in the morning, try to avoid if there is dew on the ground. The moisture that accumulates inside the lawnmower can be detrimental to the machine and yourself. Therefore, when there is dew or rain, avoid using any machinery outdoors in the backyard or lawn.


Keep external electrical outlets dry

For convenience’s sake, you may install external outlets maybe to make mowing the lawn a little bit easier instead of having a long extension cord. This provision can be very beneficial, but it also creates the responsibility of keeping it dry. You can contact a local licensed electrician near me to help with waterproofing the outlets. There are different mechanisms they might use based on the case at hand.

Installing a Residual Current Device (RCD)

Using a Residual Current Device (RCD) can help prevent fatal electrical shock accidents. The RCD should be installed in the fusebox, but try getting a plug-in RCD unit if it is not there. This device can prevent some gruesome electrical shock incidents that may prove to be fatal. Therefore, it should be one of your priorities for lawn and backyard electrical safety.

Be conscious of the electrical wires

When you are trimming your hedge or mowing the lawn, keep in mind the electrical wires. Be mindful about each step you make and how it might endanger the electrical cord. Once the wire is bare, maybe due to being cut by the lawnmower or trimmer blade, it will become very dangerous. To avoid the aftermath of this, be conscious of where the electrical wires are all the time.

Assess all equipment before using it

Every time before you get started on any task, assess each piece of equipment if it is all dry. If there are some traces of moisture or droplets of moisture, do not use that piece of equipment. Instead, please search for the best electrician near me and ask them to look at it to ensure that it is safe before using it.

Contact us for lawn and backyard electrical security measures

If you would like to ensure that your lawn and backyard electrical setup is safe, contact our licensed electrician personnel. They will be more than happy to ensure that it is safe for you; call us on this number (818) 492-4115 to request our services.


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