LA Local Electrician: Safety Rules to Follow During the Rainy Season

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During the rainy season, electricity-related accidents increase and range from electrocution, electricity-triggered fire, damage to electrical appliances, and electrical shocks. Storms during the rainy season can destroy electrical wires and poles which can cause fire, electrical surge, and blackouts. Before the rainy season sets in, you should be prepared to handle any incidences and to keep your home and family safe, call a Los Angeles electrician.

 Get ready before the rainy season

Preparedness before the rainy season is crucial to make sure all your electrical installations are in order and none is faulty. Your Los Angeles electrician might suggest you check each electrical fixture and fitting even if they got installed recently. The electrician will check if all wires are well insulated and if the fittings are covered appropriately. All outdoor sockets should be well protected and the main supply line should be protected too. Let the main switch be easily accessible if the need to quickly switch it off arises.

 Avoid water into your sockets and appliances

 The best advice the local electrician near me can ever give you is to never let water get into your electrical appliances and sockets. Appliances such as lawn mowers should not be used during the rainy season because water can get in and you become electrocuted. Kitchen appliances that get wet inside can cause short-circuiting which can lead to shock or fire. Only use appliances that have been tested and approved by the safety authority and always turn them off when not in use.

 Beware of low lying power lines

Heavy storms affect electrical poles and wires and some can lie low closer to the ground. A child might think of playing with the wires and they get electrocuted. If the low-lying wires touch, they can start an unstoppable fire. When you are driving through a storm, be very keen on electrical wires and if you notice any fallen wire, do not drive over it. The live wire can get entangled under your vehicle and it catches fire.

 Seek help when the sockets are tripping

Several things can cause your sockets to trip. But the main is too much moisture in the socket. A tripping socket is dangerous because it can cause a power surge in your home and ignite a fire. It can also cause an electrical shock and power loss. Look for the best electrician near me to correct the problem. They will open the socket and dry off the water and also check and clean any rust that could have built inside the socket. If there is a need for replacement, the socket should be replaced immediately to avert further problems.

 Get help from a trained electrician

 Our electricians are trained and experienced in handling all electrical challenges in your home. We will check the electrical installations in your home and advice on the best tips for your safety during the rainy season. We respond fast and get the work done to the highest standards possible. Call us today for an appointment at (818) 492-4115. 

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