LA Local Electrician Tips on Common Reasons for Power Outages

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Electric power is part of modern life for many people today. Jobs, economy, healthcare, leisure, and livelihoods rely on a constant power supply. Temporary power stoppage can create chaos, monetary losses, and sometimes loss of lives. Power outages can be serious if they hit places such as nursing homes and hospitals. Whereas some stoppages may not be life-threatening, they can cause data loss, reduced productivity, missed deadlines, and loss of income. A local electrician near me highlights some of the common reasons for power outages. 

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Human error and power overload

The human factor is a common reason for power outages. Car accidents that involve vehicles hitting poles and hitting underground lines by digging ground wrongly may cause power failure. A licensed electrician near you can identify if the power outage is a result of groundwork going on in your area. Again, during the hot season, people may use lots of air conditioners and this may overload power lines causing blackouts.


Storms can knock out power as a result of the trees in the environment. Conditions that are triggered by storms such as ice, high winds, and lightning break branches or the entire trees, making them fall and interfere with power distribution lines. There is a misconception that lightning can strike the power lines. Usually, the special grounding done on the poles and lightning arrestors help to prevent power interruptions. However, direct lightning can damage your electrical appliances at home. To protect your items from damage, find a local electrician on call to install lightning arrestors or any other protective equipment.

Short circuits

 A short circuit happens when the current follows an unintended path during power transmission. This leads to an excessive electric current that can damage the circuit causing the power failure. In extreme cases, short circuits can lead to an electrical fire. If you are not sure about the status of your electricity connection or you have some loose wires, you can search for “local electrician near me” and find a professional to help you. An electrician can advise you about the quality of materials you can use to prevent short circuits. 


 Animals such as raccoons, birds, foxes, and monkeys are responsible for lots of power outages. Animals are curious creatures that can find their way in areas they should not access. They can be intrigued by the warmth provided by electric equipment. If an animal chews around a cord or gets near a transformer, the damage can be intense, leading to a power surge. When birds are building nests, their waste can accumulate along insulators and power lines causing power failure as well. Outages may also be caused by shortages created by birds as they take flight. 

Get in touch with an electrician

 Sometimes, power outages can be life-threatening or cause damage to your electrical appliances. It is, therefore, important to protect yourself from the consequences of power surges by seeking professional help in your area. If you want electrical systems installation services, get in touch with us at USA electric repairs Inc via the number (818) 492-4115. The professionals here are familiar with commercial and residential electrical systems in Los Angeles. 


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