Licensed Electrician Near You Tips on Dangers That Old Wiring Pose to Your Safety

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Old electrical wiring can pose great danger to your home due to wear and tear. The coating material used in old wires was mostly rubber which is prone to tearing leaving your electrical wires naked. Your home’s electrical wiring needs inspection once in a while to ensure there are no faults. After a certain age, you must replace your electrical wiring with modern installations. Old wiring poses several dangers to your home. An electrical service contractor can help you reduce those risks.

 Low ampere supply

There is a possibility that your old electrical wiring in your home was installed when most kitchen appliances and other electrical gadgets were not invented. Today, you have in your home microwaves, modern refrigerators, heaters, electrical car chargers, and so on. All these modern gadgets require more amperes to work efficiently. You get negative results when you use a low ampere supply because your appliances and gadgets will not perform well. You need to look for an electrical service contractor to help upgrade your electrical wiring to the correct amperage supply.

 Easy overload

 Your home’s electrical wiring could be 30 years old or more and was installed at a time when one or two sockets per room were enough. Today, the number of appliances in your home might require four or more sockets per room to meet your needs. When you opt to use one socket to supply all your electricity needs, you begin overloading the socket and this can cause danger of fire. Your best option is to call your licensed electrician and do an overhaul to your entire electrical installation.

 Shortage of outlets

Old electrical wiring was designed to supply power needs as per the period when the wiring was done. In the process of time, electrical supply needs have changed because there are more gadgets in use at home. The added electricity supply needs will force you to buy extension cables to help meet the extra demand. Your licensed electrician can confirm to you the dangers of using extension cables permanently because they pause greater dangers of overloading and short-circuiting which can cause fire or destroy your sockets.

 Loose wiring

 The law today is stricter on electrical installations due to the vast dangers of faulty installations. Most laws have been modified compared to the laws that existed a few decades ago. Looking into the old-time electrical installation laws, your electrical installation might not have been done to the best standard. Unsecured connections and loose wiring pose a danger of short-circuiting which can destroy the entire installation or have constant breaking.  You should involve a qualified electrician to inspect your wiring and correct the dangers.

 Let a qualified electrician upgrade your old wiring

Even though your old wiring is still serving most of your electrical needs, you should bear in mind that the old wiring can have many faults. Faulty electrical wiring is the number one cause of fire in many homes. You need to call us so that we inspect your electrical wiring and upgrade it to modern requirements. Do not hesitate to call us on telephone number  (818) 492-4115. 


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