LA Licensed Electrician Tips on Electrical Safety in the Bathroom

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It might come as a surprise to many that electrocutions in the bathroom are very common. Unfortunately, the presence of electrical appliances and outlets in close proximity to water makes the bathroom a dangerous place. 

But you can avoid accidents of these types with some helpful tips. When dealing with electricity, you always need to think smart because this utility is something you should not tinker with. When you have any electrical issues, it’s time to do a search for the best electrician near me.

local electrician on-call

Water and electricity – a huge no-no 

Water is essential to hygiene, survival, and health. However, water is also an excellent conductor of electricity. As many have experienced, electricity delivers a powerful shock when you’re standing on water. Even wet skin already allows the current an easy path to pass through your body. 

Electrocution potentially causes heart arrhythmia, severe burns, damage to your nervous system, and worse, even death. Improper grounding or bad wirings may also cause fires. This is the reason why you need a local electrician on-call to ensure your safety in the bathroom.

Check everything regularly 

It is good practice to be more proactive than reactive to any situation that might bring about problems, especially in terms of electrical issues. For instance, outlets that feel warm when touched, frequently blowing fuses or lights that flicker are things you must check immediately as these indicate wiring problems. You should have these repaired by a professional. 

Also, regularly check the electrical cords of all your plug-in appliances, including your curling irons and blow dryers. Make sure that the cords don’t have any dings fraying or cracks. Any exposed wirings are fire hazards waiting to happen. Also, your appliances should have some distance away from the sink.

Choose your lighting wisely

Although pendant lights will make your bathroom more attractive, these hanging lights aren’t as safe as ceiling lights. But if you really want these lights installed, call a licensed electrician to do so. A professional will make sure these lights are out of reach of anyone using or still wet from using the shower or tub.

Avoid plugging in electrical devices in the bathroom

For a safer bathroom, there are now rechargeable or battery-operated appliances available almost everywhere. Even with these new conveniences, many still rely on electrical appliances for their daily needs. The problem with these starts when you leave them in your bathroom while still plugged in.

Everyone knows what happens when these accidentally get in contact with water. The most logical and most effective way to avoid electrocution from such appliances is to keep them away from your bathroom. A better option is to replace these appliances with rechargeable or battery-operated appliances or make sure to unplug all of your electrical appliances before you leave the bathroom.

Hire an experienced electrician

Apply all of these electrical safety tips in your bathroom to ensure the safety of your home and your family. Apart from these tips, the installation of your electrical system in the bathroom should comply with the requirements specified in your local municipal codes too. If you need some electrical work in your bathroom, contact us at USA Electrical Repairs Inc. at (818) 492-4115. We have qualified and licensed electricians who will give you the professional advice you need.


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