Los Angeles Electrician: Do You Need Surge Protector

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How many electronic gadgets do you use at home? Most homes have more than ten gadgets plugged in at home. Unfortunately, those gadgets will get easily damaged if they are not adequately protected. Our Los Angeles electrician will teach you how to choose a surge protector to protect your electronic gadgets. 

Los Angeles Electrician – What are the Best Surge Protectors? 

Before we talk about the best surge protector, let us first differentiate surge protector and a power strip. These two things are different. 

They do look the same. However, a power strip works differently than a surge protector. The former enables you to add more appliances to an outlet. However, it does not protect them from a power surge. 

When it comes to choosing between the two, our licensed electricians recommend going for a power surge protector. Indeed, it is more expensive than a power strip. But a power surge protector has customization features. 

The prices of a surge protector hinge on the number of customization options available. For functionality, a surge protector is better than a power strip. 

los angeles electrician

Home Office 

You may choose a surge protector with twelve outlets. They come with eight adjustable customization options. The pivot plug has twelve outlets and accessories. It also includes coaxial protection that protects appliances from power surges. This is ideal to be installed in a home or office with several computers. 

When you pick the right surge protector, you must study the number of ports you need. Keep in mind that surge protector does not only come in six or eight ports. Some have more than twelve ports. They are all well-spaced. In that way, you can easily use them all, whenever necessary. 

Picking the right number of ports will ensure that you do not need to daisy chain it. 

The Gears 

Another thing to consider when purchasing a surge protector is the number of gadgets you will plug into it. To save some money, make sure to purchase a protector that is ideal for the equipment you will plug. If it is for your home entertainment center, you need a more robust surge protector. 

Know the Absorption Rating 

While shopping for a surge protector, look into its energy absorption rating. This rating implies the amount of energy it can absorb before it starts to fail. No matter what gadgets you will use it for, consider getting at least 700 joules or higher. 

You should also check the clamping voltage that triggers the surge protector. Go for a product with 400 V or less. When it comes to clamping voltage, the lower the number is, the better it is. 

A surge protector may not always be the first thing that comes to your mind when shopping for electronic products. But it is vital, especially if you use a lot of gadgets at home. It prevents any damage to your appliances or gadgets because of a sudden power surge. 

If you need help in installing a power outlet in your house or choosing the right surge protector, please give our electrician service at USA Electrical Repairs, Inc. a call today:  (800) 708-2190

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