My LED Lighting Keeps Flickering – Do I Need Electrical Repair?

LED lighting

It might be fair to assume that every single one of us has experienced some kind of flickering light situation at home before, and every single one of us knows just how irritating it can be if it goes unremedied! Flickering can occur with regular light bulbs and also LED lighting, a form that continues to increase in popularity because they have a longer life span and consume less energy than other types of bulbs/lighting.

The thing to know is that LED lighting flickering isn’t just something that can be annoying to witness, it could also be an indicator of a more serious electrical issue that needs assessing and fixing by a trained professional. With this in mind, here is some essential information about whether LED lighting needs electrical repair attention or not.

Traditional vs LED

Traditional light bulbs were manufactured to contain an internal filament, and when the switch was turned off, this filament would cool down inside the bulb and lower the light that was being emitted until it stopped completely. LED stands for light emitting diode, which is used within LED lamps to track lighting. LED is a semiconductor light source which means that light is created when current flows through it. The difference this creates is that LED lighting can be adjusted to different light levels to consume less energy and have a longer life span.


When an LED light starts to Flicker, this is usually an indication that something is going wrong with the fixture, dimmer switch, wiring or general circuitry. The most common fix for this issue is to replace the dimmer switch, but in some older homes, it could be a deeper problem with the wiring behind the walls. Of course, when you start to get into home issues that require professional training and dedicated equipment to assess, it is time to call in the professionals!

LED lighting

Check For Loose Connections

The best course of action to take is to check your flickering LED fixtures for loose connections and replace any flickering bulbs if you can. If the flickering persists then turn off the power at the control panel and replace the dimmer switch (only if you have previous experience of doing so).

If there is still flickering occurring after all of these efforts, then the only course of action left to take is to call a professional electrician in for a deeper exploration of the problem. Once all of the expected and common avenues have been attempted, if there is still an issue with flickering, then the likelihood is that the cause of the problem is going to be something that cannot be rectified by an untrained or inexperienced hand.

If you have any pesky flickering LED lighting that you think needs the attention of a professional, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best in the business at USA Electrical Repairs. Feel free to contact a member of our experienced team and they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have regarding the services that we provide. We look forward to being able to help you in any way that we can.

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