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Have you ever plugged something in only to have it trip your breaker? This happens when a specific circuit takes on more power than it can handle because of the electrical appliances currently sharing it. If this happens, it might be because one of these appliances needs a dedicated circuit in order to operate. Lucky for you, that’s something our electricians in Los Angeles can help with.

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What Are Dedicated Circuits?

A dedicated circuit is a line coming from an electrical panel that feeds one specific appliance, plug, or piece of equipment. The appliances that require these dedicated circuits tend to consume a lot of power, which is why they are set with their own specific source of electricity. Thanks to this, these circuits exist to prevent overloads and the general inconvenience of having to reset tripped breakers. When too many appliances are powered by just one circuit, you run the risk of the power consumption to be more than what the breaker and the wire can safely handle. Older homes, in particular, are prone to this sort of circuit overloading since they might be operating with old-fashioned fuse boxes.

What Appliances Need Dedicated Circuits?

Most smaller appliances will be able to share their circuits with others. For example, you can comfortably charge your phone on the same outlet as you plug in your desktop computer without running the risk of overloading this particular circuit. There are very specific appliances that will most often require their own dedicated circuits, with some of the specifics depending on the size or model you get. Here are the appliances that most commonly require a dedicated line.

  • Dishwashers
  • Dryers
  • Electric ranges
  • Furnaces
  • Garbage disposals
  • Heating and AC units
  • Hot tubs
  • Wall ovens
  • Large microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Saunas
  • Water heaters

Installing a New Dedicated Line

A lot of the time, someone wants to replace an appliance, such as a different stove or a dishwasher, and the chances exist that these need a new dedicated circuit. In these situations, it’s good to look into your electrical grid and the specifications of the appliance itself. Sometimes you will need to install a new dedicated line even if the previous appliance didn’t need one. At the same time, if you are getting something new, such as a hot tub or a new air conditioner system, you will most likely need an installation. This is relatively very simple, and our electricians in Los Angeles can easily help you with it.

Contact Electricians in Los Angeles

Whether you need a new dedicated line set up or a look at some electrical damage, you can always count on our team of electricians in Los Angeles. We have the necessary experience, tools, and to install every new fixture and take care of every electrical problem you might be having at home or in your business. You can give us a call at (818) 492-4115. In the case of electrical emergencies, we have a sixty-minute response time, so we are sure to take of your problem as soon as possible. By mentioning this website, you can even get a free service call from our team. 

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