Panel Upgrades: Is It Time?

panel upgrades

The electric panel is a vital part of your house. However, most of us neglect it. That is, we simply turn the lights on and don’t pay attention to the panel. But the electrical panel must be properly maintained. Since it plays a huge role in the safety of your house, panel upgrades might be necessary, sooner or later. 

Signs to Know Your House Requires Panel Upgrades 

The electrical system in your house connects to the electrical panel, which is the heart of the system. It is where electricity is drawn to circuits carrying power to lights, plugs, and appliances in your home. 

A malfunctioning panel can cause a fire. So, you want to make sure that it is working properly all the time. Here are some signs you need to recognize that you need to upgrade the panel. 

panel upgrades

Lights dim or flicker frequently 

Flickering and dimming lights might be a sign that you need a new bulb. However, in some cases, flickering lights could be a sign that your electrical panel requires a repair or upgrade. 

During a storm, however, utility companies may experience power problems. As a result, your lights will dim or flicker. Thankfully, that is probably an isolated case. The issue will go away as soon as the storm is gone. 

On the other hand, if it flickers each time you utilize power-hunger appliances, then it is a red flag that you need to replace the panel. Call our licensed electricians at USA Repairs, Inc. immediately. 

Old Wiring 

Now, if you live in an old house, it is a good idea to change the electrical panels and the wiring. You must call our licensed electrician to get it checked and have it upgraded. 

Do not wait until you smell a burning wire near electronics or appliances. You should also not wait to experience a tingling sensation each time you touch a plugged appliance. Although it is typically the result of static electricity, it is best that you have it checked by our licensed electricians. 

Feels Warm to the Touch 

It is not normal that your electrical panel would feel warm when you touch it. It is not like a light bulb. Of course, the reason for this is that it is not a light bulb. Keep in mind that if there is too much heat in the panel, it can easily turn into an open flame. 

Having a warm panel can be a red flag and it is a sign that you have damaged wires in the panel. You must call our licensed electricians ASAP to have it inspected. 

Outdated Design 

You may think that it is just trivial to look at the design of the panel. However, an old designed panel may not meet the demands of the modern appliances that you are using at home. 

It might have survived 30 years ago. But the appliances of today are way different from the devices three decades ago. Thus, to ensure that the outdated panel will not cause a fire, make sure to contact our team today to discuss our service that upgrades your panels. Call us at (800) 708-2190

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