Signs That You Might Need to Consider Electrical Panel Upgrades

Panel Upgrades

Panel upgrades are not exactly something that should happen that often. Panels are, after all, meant to last for years, if not decades. They are meant However, you might need to upgrade it if it’s been too long since it’s been in use. 

Panel Upgrades

When Is it Time to Upgrade Your Panel?

A common problem, particularly in older homes, is that a lot of electrical panels are simply not designed to put up with modern use. These were, after all, designed in a time prior to phone and laptop charging, televisions in every room, and all sorts of other electrical appliances. Because of this, there might be a lot of strain put onto the panel. It’s in these situations in which you might need panel upgrades. 

Signs That You Need to Upgrade Your Panel

There will be clear signs that you need to upgrade your panel when it starts having issues. The following are some of the more prominent examples.

  • Flickering Lights – If you start noticing that while using appliances and electric fixtures the lights start flickering, you might want to check your panel. This might be a sign that the electrical panel has grown too weak to handle the electrical load. It’s important to know that this doesn’t just apply to the lights. Ovens, TVs, and other electrical appliances might also flicker.
  • Small Electric Shocks – A common sign that an electrical panel might need upgrading is a small electric shock when touching an appliance or a light switch. This would happen when turning one of these appliances on, and it can be caused by surges coming from a faulty electrical panel.
  • Burning Smell – A burning smell can be a sign of many different things, of course, from burnt food to a dirty radiator. However, if you start to sense it consistently, then you might be having issues with your electrical panel burning up. You will probably want to check the panel for possible burn marks.
  • Scorch Marks or Sparking – When panels start having issues, there will be surges that start to burn electrical outlets and can even cause sparking coming from them. If you notice this, check your electrical panel to be safe.
  • Warmth on the Electric Panel – Electrical panels are bound to get warm every so often. After all, they redirect electricity. However, if you start to notice that your panel gets consistently warm, it might be time to upgrade it.

Panel Upgrades and More

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