Signs You Need to Call an Electrical Repairman

Electrical Repairman

One obvious sign is when all the lights go out or none of your appliances work. Apart from that, there are different warning signs that you need to call an electrical repairman. Problems with your electricity supply aren’t something that can be ignored. Our homes and businesses run off of electricity and without it our daily lives cannot function properly. Almost all of our household devices or appliances need electrical energy to work. If you have problems with your business premises, then you are looking at a loss of revenue until it can be fixed. Also, ignoring the warning signs can be dangerous. We here at USA Electrical Repair, Inc. want to give you a heads up and remind you what to look for.

Flickering lights

At some time, the lights may flicker or dim. This does happen occasionally. Usually, it is because there may be a surge or lowering of the main power supply rather than your electrical system. On the other hand, if it happens frequently, then you most probably have a problem with your electrical system. It could be old and faulty wiring that can’t cope with today’s standard energy demands.

Electrical Repairman


The appearance of sparks when you flick an outlet switch is another sure indication there is a problem. You are bound to get short circuits when this happens. Unrepaired outlets can cause fires and further damage your wiring system.

Circuit breakers and fuses

Circuit breakers trip and fuses blow where there are surges in power. They are there to safeguard against energy overloading. They may trip or blow occasionally, usually because they are old and worn out. It’s not very often that you have to replace them. If they start to blow regularly, then you have a problem with your electrical system.

Buzzing sounds

If you hear an annoying buzzing sound like an insect that you can’t detect every time you switch on a light or plug something in, that’s another sure sign that something is wrong with your electrical system. This usually indicates that you have faulty wiring. Faulty wiring is a fire hazard and should be dealt with straight away.


The smell of something burning is a dead giveaway that something is seriously wrong. The smell is the plastic or rubber coating on your wires and cables melting. It can be caused by old wiring that is overloaded or circuit boards that are malfunctioning. Eventually, the insulation on your wires will ignite.

Electrical shocks

Any shock from a switch or a faucet should be taken extremely seriously. We use metal taps in our bathrooms. A tiny little shock from a bathroom faucet may be the precursor to greater and more deadly ones. Remember, in a bathroom, you have both electricity and water, a bad combination.

No Need To Panic

These are all warning signs that you need an electrical repairman. The solution to these problems can be found with us at USA Electrical Repair, Inc. If you are experiencing any of these signs don’t hesitate to contact us through our website.

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