Signs Your Electrical Service Contractor is an Amateur

Electrical Service Contractor

There are times when you can tell your electrical service contractor is a bad one because they are poor communicators, they are difficult to get in touch with, and/or they try to pressure you into making decisions. These are classic signs that the contractor you are looking to hire is probably a bad one. But, how do you spot an amateur? How do you spot the willing-but-very-inexperienced contractor? Here are a few clues that your contractor is nothing more than a DIY amateur contractor.

They Give You Too Many Details

There are some people who are chatty, so it may seem a little unfair to say that somebody who gives you too many details is an amateur. However, many new electrical service contractors will overcompensate for how new they are by offering up the information you didn’t need to know.

They Brag About the Work They Have Done

Unless your technician is somehow trying to date you, then they really shouldn’t be bragging about previous works. A rank amateur will often brag about their previous projects. They will especially brag about the things they have done for themselves or their family members because in their mind they consider that to be good training for the job. 

Asking For Payment Up Front

A rank amateur may ask for a large payment upfront or a full payment upfront. In some cases, this is because they intend to run off with your money. In the case of willing DIY experts, it is probably because they need to buy the repair items and the relevant tools too. That is often why they need a bit more money to start because they don’t have all the tools needed for the job.

Training and Qualifications

A contractor can produce just about any type of qualifications, license, and references and you have no idea if they are real or true. Even if they are real, there is no way of knowing if your contractor started yesterday or has been working for years. Beware of those who flash their qualifications like the FBI flashes their badges. Good-quality contractors don’t need to enter a job site with their qualifications in hand.

Trouble Committing to a Job

There are several reasons why your amateur contractor will be unwilling to set a date for a job. Quite often, they are not sure where they can get the parts for the repairs, and often are unsure which tools they should be using. However, one of the most common reasons why new and amateur contractors have commitment issues is that they are not sure they can do the job. They may need to liaise with somebody else or look up the repair on the Internet, so they are afraid to set a date until they are sure they can do the job.

Electrical Service Contractor

Work Hard to Find a Good Company

Ideally, you should find contractors you can trust, so you can use them over and over again without having to search out a new electrical service contractor every time. If you are struggling to find a contractor, then opt for a company that has been in business for a good long while. Choose a company like USA Electrical Repairs. They have a strong online reputation, they have been around for years, and they still offer good prices for their work.

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