What to Consider Before Calling an Electrician to Install Recessed Lighting in Los Angeles

Recessed Lighting in Los Angeles

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any home. It has to be practical but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an attractive and even a focal point of a décor scheme. Lighting is important in every room and there is no one design that fits all. Sometimes you want lighting to be showy and a design feature and in other settings, you want discreet. The best type of discreet lighting is recessed lighting –  a type of lighting that is growing in popularity, particularly in new-build homes. Any type of lighting needs consideration. Here are some of the most important things to consider before calling an electrician to install recessed lighting in Los Angeles.

What Type Do You Need?

It isn’t a one size fits all kind of situation when it comes to recessed lights. You need to decide whether you are going for LED trims, or trim and light bulb combos. The difference between the two is that LED trims do not use a light bulb and separate trim but are rather a single unit that gets slotted into the ceiling hole. It provides a more attractive ‘sealed’ appearance.

What Size Do You Need?

In general, most homes will feature 5 or 6-inch lights, but for smaller rooms and spaces there are also a number of 4-inch options that don’t look out of place and perfectly fit the ambiance of less spacious rooms.

How Many Lights?

It’s really the spacing that you need to take into account, not how bright each individual light is. Too few lights spread across a space will leave dark spots, so an even distribution is key. Commonly, you need enough lights to be able to spread them 40 to 80 inches apart across a room, depending on factors like ceiling height, room dimensions, and any beams, etc.

Recessed Lighting in Los Angeles

How Do You Want To Control The Lights?

Do you want your lights to all turn on together with a single switch, or do you want to be able to control them individually? Both of these options are achievable in most circumstances, but you need to decide in the planning stage because they both involve different kinds of wiring to be done. Another great option to consider is the addition of a dimmer switch so you have control of the intensity of the light depending on the situation that you are in. Also, think about the location of the controls, you want them to be easily accessible, but perhaps not so easy that smaller children can have their way with them!

If you are interested in the idea of recessed lighting in Los Angeles, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the best in the business at USA Electrical Repairs. We are committed to providing the best possible service for our clients, so feel free to contact a member of the experienced team if you have any specific questions that you cannot find answers to on our website. We look forward to being able to help!

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