Who is Legally Allowed to Do My Electrical Wiring Repair?

electrical wiring repair

There are a lot of answers to this question. If you own the wiring, and we assume you own the property where you are doing the wiring, then you are legally allowed to conduct your own electrical wiring repair and maintenance. Whether you should or not is up to you. There are some occasions where it is highly inadvisable and even illegal to conduct wiring repair. Here are a few examples.

When You Order a Staff Member to Fix Wires

Even if you own the property, and you have employee and building insurance, you still cannot ask your staff members to fix your wires unless they are legally certified and insured to do so. If they are not qualified electricians, then you simply cannot have them do it. This is because it puts them and other people in danger, and even if you weighed up all the factors and determined that the risk is small, it is still illegal to have your staff members fix your wires unless they are qualified electricians and/or were hired to fix wires.

Insurance Companies Will Have Their Say

In short, if you do your own wiring repairs and then you need to make a claim off your insurance, they may be able to avoid paying out if they can link the issue with your repairs. They will ask to see receipts from electricians or proof that you had the work done by professionals, and if you can’t provide that proof, then they can avoid paying your claim. Don’t forget that what you do today may affect your claim in many years, and even if the wiring repair wasn’t’ what caused the problem, the insurance company can claim you were negligent in your repairs and that is why they are not paying you.

Wiring Repair in Your Let Property

If you are a landlord and you are letting out your property to renters, then you are not legally allowed to conduct your own electrical work unless you are a certified and insured electrician. Even though you own the building and/or property, and even if the tenants/renters agree, you are still not allowed to conduct your own electrical repairs and maintenance. You need to use a certified and registered electrician company. If you do it yourself, then you can be prosecuted, even if nothing bad happens.

Plus, if something bad happens, you can lose any chances of your insurance companies paying your claims, and you can go to prison for a very long time. Even if you repair the property while it is empty, and then allow people to rent the property, you may still be prosecuted because a certified electrician didn’t do the work for you.

electrical wiring repair

Getting Help From Professionals

Part of the problem is that you probably shouldn’t be doing your own electrical wiring repair anyway. It is legal to do your own wiring repair, but you are putting yourself and other people at risk. You are better off hiring a company to conduct your wiring repairs for you. Hire a certified, qualified, licensed and insured electrician like USA Electrical Repairs to get your wiring repair done correctly. That way, you avoid any legal trouble and any insurance trouble too.

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