Why is 24-Hour Emergency Electrical Repair in Los Angeles So Expensive?

electrical repair in los angeles

If you have an electrical emergency that needs addressing right away, then you will have to book an emergency electrician. Under normal circumstances, you have something electrical that needs doing, you book an electrician, and they come around in a few days to perhaps provide a quote or to get the job done there and then. When you hire an emergency electrician, you are basically asking them to drop everything off and come visit you now. They tend to be available 24 hours per day because nobody can predict what time of day an emergency will occur, but they are going to charge you for being called out. And, that begs the question, why is 24-hour emergency electrical repair in Los Angeles so expensive?

Out-of-Hours Work

There is this common routine that people sleep at night, work during the day, and spend the evenings with their family, friends, or hobbies. If you have an emergency that doesn’t fall between regular 9 to 5 work-day hours, then you disrupt the electrician’s home/hobby/family/friends time. Since this time is personally valuable, the electrician wants extra pay. There may also be a traveling issue to deal with. For example, if the electrician works in one town all day, but lives the next town over, then the electrician may want additional payment for having to drive all the way back to your town, as well as fuel costs, and all the other add-ons that come with traveling.

Turning Down Work

Let’s say that you have an electrical problem during the day, during regular business hours, and you call an electrician. In these cases, they will have to turn down other jobs, other job quotes, and perhaps even leave a job site in order to help you. Since they have to turn away or inconvenience other customers, they charge you an additional (large) fee. Plus, there is an understanding of how electricians work. Usually, you call them up, they give a quote and then they book a working session (unless it is a super small job). When you call them up and ask for their help right away, it isn’t the usual procedure, so they charge you additional fees because you are getting what other people don’t (i.e. you are getting attention right away).

Because They Are in the Position to Do So

There are many electricians who have work to do almost all the time. In order to see you, they do have to leave jobs or turn down other work, and this may justify their higher rates. However, there are times when some electricians have no work to do and they still charge you a lot of money for coming out right away. They could charge the regular rate plus a fee for coming right out right now, but people expect to pay more for emergency electrician services, so electricians could tend to charge extra.

 electrical repair in los angeles

Create a Relationship Beforehand

In realistic terms, if you want a good electrician who isn’t going to charge you excessively, then you need to create a relationship with the electrician company before you hire them for an emergency. This isn’t always possible, but all it involves is finding a good electrician and sticking with them. If you are looking for electrical repair in Los Angeles, then get in touch with US Electrical Repairs for a fair price and prompt service.

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