Why Los Angeles Homeowners Should Consider Electrical Panel Upgrades

panel upgrades

Electrical panels might be something you don’t give much thought to, but they are a pretty important part of your home. This panel is where your electrical system originates and controls the power, light switches, and outlets throughout your house. Because you don’t open the panel every day, it becomes something that you might not think about when you do home upkeep. But did you know that panel upgrades can help your system run more efficiently? Want to know more? Keep reading for more information about the benefits.

More Electricity

A panel upgrade means you can increase your voltage. This is especially helpful if you have an older home. An upgrade will take you from an outdated 120-volt breaker panel to one that is 240 volts. This doubles your electricity and allows for more circuit breakers. That translates to more efficiency when running your electrical appliances and also offers safety benefits that you will enjoy as well. More electricity also means that you won’t be dealing with flickering lights or tripping your circuit breaker, requiring you to reset it all the time.

Major Appliances

With an upgraded electrical panel that offers more voltage, your system can handle more major appliances. Homes increasingly add additional appliances as new ones are becoming available all the time. With each one, there’s more of a strain on your electrical system, but an upgraded version can handle the additional appliances with ease. That means that you won’t have to deal with a tripped breaker, which is inconvenient and frustrating. If you are considering adding new appliances or higher-powered appliances to your home, an upgraded panel is a definite must. 

Expand Your Electrical Service

As mentioned above, an upgraded electrical panel means room for additional appliances. Maybe you don’t have an air conditioner, but you want one. Maybe you are adding a laundry room and the appliances that go with it. Perhaps you are overhauling your kitchen with brand-new, high-powered appliances. Or you might be finishing your basement or attic. In all of these cases, additional electrical needs are going to put the panel to use, so it makes sense to upgrade to one that can handle the demand. 

panel upgrades
Safety Considerations

Asking your electrical panel to take on more than it was designed for is a recipe for disaster. Not only can you damage the panel itself, requiring expensive repairs, but you also risk setting your house on fire. If your lights are flickering or your circuit breaker trips often, that’s clear evidence that your panel is working too hard. Lighten the load by upgrading to more voltage to keep your home and your family safe and sound. 

If you want the assurance of safety and plenty of electricity to go around inside your house, an electrical panel upgrade is the way to go. You’ll have peace of mind and the convenience of being able to rely on your electricity to power everything in your home when you need it. If you’re ready to take the next step toward an upgrade, contact USA Electrical Repairs, Inc. today and we’ll help you get started. 

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