Your Local Electricians in Los Angeles Shares the 10 Rules of Electrical Safety

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As a homeowner, there are plenty of things to be wary of in terms of the safety of your property, and it would be fair to say that everything to do with electricity is right up there at the top of the list. For the inexperienced and untrained, the thought of anything going wrong with the electricity in the home can be something that causes a lot of anxiety and stress, but the reality is that there is a set list of rules to follow in order to stay as safe as possible. With this in mind, one of our electricians in Los Angeles is sharing the top ten rules of electrical safety.

Top 10 rules

  1. At all times, you need to make sure that all electrical equipment is kept out of contact with any areas in the home or a room that are likely to come into contact with water.
  2. When disconnecting plugs, make sure to gently pull them from the outlet rather than jerk hard.
  3. When installing any new gadgets in the home, make sure that all electrical cords are placed out of the way from children and pets as much as possible.
  4. Familiarize yourself with your home’s switchboard, which is the hub that controls the flow and direction of all the electricity on your property. The more you know about it, the more confident you will be in fixing a problem that arises out of the blue.
  5. Be aware of the power lines that run through, under, and above your home, especially if you are planning on climbing a tree or a ladder or planning on digging underneath the ground.
  6. If you have children running around at home, make sure to childproof all of the accessible outlets in order to avoid electrocution.
  7. Never ignore a flickering light anywhere in your home. The most likely cause of this flickering will be a loose connection somewhere in the wiring, which will need to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid future risk and danger.
  8. If there is any high voltage in the vicinity that you want people to be aware of, the easiest way to do this is to install a visible warning sign to make it clear that they need to steer clear of the spot.
  9. If you do not have an understanding of the details of electricity, then please hire a professional to come and perform maintenance and repair instead of doing it yourself.
  10. Whenever you are not sure about any element of your electricity, always consult a professional electrician who will be able to deal with the issue safely.

electricians in los angeles
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